What is Hamptons style decor

For more information about Hamptons style decorating, read this article! It contains tips to decorate your home in this light and airy style. Coastal elegance is a must in any Hamptons decor! Look for furniture with an antique look, but make sure it’s comfortable and well-made. Use natural materials and tufted detailing for a classic Hamptons look. Layered bed linens also work well in this style. Coastal decor is often more affordable than other styles, but don’t let this fool you.

Coastal elegance

The essence of Hampton style is Coastal elegance, a coastal landscape with blue skies and greenery. To create a coastal look in a room, add pot plants, succulents, and artwork that reflects greenery. These accents will liven up a space that may otherwise be white. Simplicity is the key. Don’t overdo it, but use beautiful furnishings, fabrics, and accessories to create a coastal-styled room.

For a beach-inspired room, use white as a base colour. It looks good on walls and ceilings, and can be offset by dark wood floors and furniture. Wood-paneled cabinets should be painted white, while kitchen islands should be painted in matching hues. Framing the doors, also known as shaker style, is also a great way to add coastal elegance to the room. You can even use glass panel inserts to avoid too much white space.

Whether you’re decorating a house or a cottage, the Hamptons style has a laid-back luxury that’s both sophisticated and casual. To achieve the look, you’ll need expert advice and tips. For inspiration, talk to interior designers Lane B., who specializes in Hamptons style. You’ll be amazed at how much more you’ll get out of this style than you ever thought possible!

Light and airy

The beachy vibe and white base colours of Hampton style decor are essential for creating this summertime ambiance. Natural wood textures and subtle splashes of colour provide a relaxed coastal ambiance. Light blue, meanwhile, will give any room a subtle touch. This coastal style is often complemented with large, bright windows and painted white wood furniture. A few potted plants will add a summery touch. The look is very easy to achieve – you can even use wallpaper to achieve this look.

The Hamptons style of decor is a classic example of seaside coastal design. It combines classic French and modern elements to create an atmosphere that evokes a casual seaside feel. Its classic elements include white louvres, high coffered ceilings and linen slip-cover sofas. This style also emphasizes criss-cross detailing and clean, criss-cross shapes.

Using multiple light sources throughout a room creates layers of soft lighting. Many sconces are used in Hamptons homes as they highlight architectural details. You can also use dimmer switches to adjust the intensity of indirect lighting to suit the mood of the room. Light fixtures with a natural feel are also suitable for the Hamptons style. This style is a great choice for an entry-level home. It can be adapted to suit any style and decor.

Neutral colour scheme

Having a neutral colour scheme is an important aspect of Hampton style decor. One colour for the whole house will help the potential buyers visualize the space. Different shades of the same colour can be used for the walls, but these should all blend in with the same tone. If you do use different colours, keep them to a minimal accent colour. For example, a dark shade of blue might be a better choice for the home theatre.

The colours used in Hampton style decor are mostly blues, sea greens and other natural materials. The interiors are also decorated with plenty of textured materials, including wood, linen, cotton and stone. You can find nautical-inspired statement pieces and large indoor plants in the Hamptons style. If you’re worried about your house’s colour scheme, you can start with a timber sideboard. This will give the room a warm, coastal feel.

The exterior of Hampton style homes is usually white with blue accents. You should keep the colour of the cladding muted, as this will give the rooms more open space. If you choose to use darker grey accents, make sure that they don’t create a heavy effect on the overall design. Also, white and black furniture pieces should be painted. Natural wood furniture should be kept. Buttons, linen and jute rugs can add texture to the room.


One of the essential pieces of Hampton style decor is a stunning Hamptons Mirror. This piece will look gorgeous in any corner of a room, in the entryway, or wherever you need more space. The clean, classic lines of the frame, combined with the crisp white acrylic of this style, will provide a timeless look for years to come. Here are some other great mirrors to consider for your home. Listed below are a few of our favorites.

To add a Hamptons-style look, choose a neutral colour palette. The Hamptons style color scheme includes blues, whites, and sea greens. Whitewashed walls and natural linens are a staple in Hamptons-style decor. You can also incorporate natural linens and calico into the scheme. For fabrics, look for linen and washed cotton fabrics. For fabrics, look for prints in a variety of patterns, stripes, and floral hand-blocks.

Coastal elements

A home that has coastal elements is often described as Hampton style. This design style incorporates natural elements such as straw rugs and whitewashed wood. Decorative driftwood or a bowl of seashells can be a charming decorative piece. In addition, a coastal style will likely lack window treatments. A large coastal-style mirror is also a classic coastal piece. To create the look, use a few pieces of furniture and accents with coastal themes.

Rattan baskets are essential for any Hamptons style home. They can be used as bench storage or as large storage bins for blankets and throws. Rattan furniture pairs well with watercolour paintings and other coastal accents. Rattan is also an excellent material for low coffee tables and single chairs. Pendant light shades should be made from white wicker or another natural fiber. Incorporate an overstuffed white sofa to complete the look.

Coastal-style decor is characterized by a clean palette with neutral tones. Coastal-style color palettes are made up of white, off-white, and cream, while neutral tones are used throughout. While white is a staple of coastal-style decor, it doesn’t have to be a one-color look. Coastal-style interiors also make great use of natural textures like sisal, jute, and linen.

Wooden furniture

The Hampton style has been around since the early eighteenth century, but it has recently become a popular style for New Zealand and Australian interiors. In the Hamptons, furniture is solid and painted in warm tones, such as white and inky black. The style also includes nautical stripes and chinoiserie patterns. The color palette of this decor is very neutral, so you can use many different shades. To add even more texture, you can layer wood furniture with colorful accents and a variety of patterns.

Natural fabrics and colours are also key elements in the Hamptons style decor. Natural fabrics, blue accents, warm browns, and dove grays are typical colors. You can add fresh flowers or greenery to bring in a touch of summer. Blue is a great color to use in the Hamptons, and comes in various shades. It’s also an excellent choice for summer decor, and can be used in many different areas of the home.

Natural materials are an important part of Hamptons style decor. Natural materials like rattan and timber look great in this style. Natural materials like wood, stone, and linen will enhance the style and feel of any home. Using coastal colours, patterns, and textures will add an extra element of sophistication to any interior. It’s important to choose neutrals when decorating the Hamptons, but you can add a splash of colour if you want.